Venom Seeds
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Radio Free Seattle, USA

"...Out of the UK, Venom Seeds are on Seattle label Flotation Records and we are lucky as hell for that. Rough, rowdy and in the spirit of UK punk from way back in the day (Sex Pistols jump to mind immediately), Venom Seeds kill the old school punk sound with deadly accuracy. I am starting to believe in reincarnation after listening to the three songs on their profile page."

Urlo magazine, Italy

"...The Venom Seeds represent a crazy and fantastical Chinese universe, in which live dragons, skulls and dangerous killer-girls. Let the venom spread into your ears and be prepared for some good Rawk 'n' Crawl. This is to say rock 'n' roll as raw as shreds of human flesh that crawls like a rattle snake."

Sump Puppy

"...Venom Seeds next. Spikiness, balls, glamour and above all passion and guile. Lo-fi garage punk, no holds barred. Vocals delivered with menace and mischief, driving, crunching lead guitar, hammerhead rhythm section, this was worth getting out of bed for."

Get Off The Internet!

"...a storming, 'all guns and whatever weapons they can lay their hands on' blazing set."

Church of Girl, USA

"...Venom Seeds draw on basic elements of alt.cock.rock to produce an angular, feral sound with luscious funk energy that makes you wanna dance."

Drowned in Sound

"...kimono-clad guitarist Slideling and sideburníd drummer The Cave Man Machine are a beeís-arse tight two-strong rhythm power house as close to the mutant funk of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or Morphine as the full-frontal assault of Lolita Storm and Atari Teenage Riot...itís not hard to see Riotmiloo, in her fishnets, arse-hugging minidress and bondage boots, as some sort of 21st Century lady Iggy."

Class A Audio

"...filthy slide guitar and the kind of vocals that ya shut the fuk up too rather than sing along with..."


"...injecting a new level of rawness into the London live music scene."

Grrr Grrr

"...The Venom Seeds are like a car crash in your head,you know the wheels are going to fall off and it's all gonna end in tears."

CD Times

"Like your garage punk bands raw with pure unadulterated feedback to blast your senses? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place."